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BG Video's Youtube Video Marketing Campaign for Kamper City

Online Video Marketing, specifically video marketing that utilizes social media, is quickly becoming one of the most powerful marketing tools available to business owners.

Read below and let us walk you through one of our early video marketing campaign for Kamper City, an RV and travel trailer dealership located in Hudson, OH. This campaign was immediately successful, and had an incredibly profound impact on business from the launch of the campaign. Read on to find out more...

BG Video’s

Youtube Marketing Campaign for Kamper City

The Goal: Increase exposure and gain customers by spreading video content to potential customers via Youtube and social media. Boost Website Traffic and increase SEO through backlinks and social media sharing.

The Strategy: Create a Youtube page and fill it with content. All of the content is then linked back to the Kamper City website and vise versa. Each individual video has a direct link back to the website. Every time someone clicks on a Youtube Video website traffic is generated and SEO is boosted. Then every time a website visitor watches a video on the site, the Youtube campaign grows as well. Finally, we track everything with analytics.

The Results:

*Two types of measurements for ROI on video content

Qualitative and Quantitative: Quantitative Data answers the question “How much of what is happening, and where?” and Qualitative Data answers the question “Who is doing what and why are they doing that?”

Qualitative - General feedback - likes, shares, comments, etc. Can also dive deeper; which videos were viewed the most? Which videos were viewed to completion? At what times were videos most often viewed?

Quantitative - Youtube provides users with a vast amount of insights to review. Including the number of views, demographics and how viewers found your videos. Other great resources are the average watch time and average view duration for your videos.

How does our Kamper City Marketing Campaign compare?

View Count - 137,491 views

Watch Time - 184,490 minutes

Average view duration - 1:20

View-through Rate - 85%

Social Shares - 730 shares, 127 subscribers, 361 likes, 35 comments

137,000 Views is a lot of views. That is a lot of potential customers that have now seen what you have to offer and learned about your company. You have reached new markets in different parts of the country, and you have grown your web presence and SEO exponentially without lifting a finger. As a business in today’s social media driven world, the internet is your best friend, and there is no better way to market online than with video content.

Keep Reading to find out more about the results and how they impacted Business…

What does it all mean?

Lets break it down Quantitatively;

Having a detailed and comprehensive video campaign, backed by analytics, grants you many benefits outside of revenue, that can be directly measured. As you can see in the below image, our campaign enables you to track which makes and models are the most and least popular. Combining this information with your actual sales, you could improve the efficiency of your inventory turnover and make sure to have the most popular models in stock at all times.

In the next graphic, you will see how you can also identify more information about your customer base such as gender, geographical locations and how they found and viewed the videos. Geography can be a major factor in deciding where to target your marketing efforts, and then gender can be a big factor in determining what type of advertising to push. Finally, knowing where customers viewed your videos, gives you a good idea of which types of media platforms to use for promotional content.

Now let’s go through the Qualitative results;

You are probably thinking “How does this help me, Youtube views don’t equal revenue”. You’re not wrong. Although some will, the majority of people who view these videos will not directly turn into customers. However, all of those views contribute to increased SEO, meaning your website’s position on Google and other search engines will rise, and this increased level of exposure will drive website traffic and make you more accessible to actual customers. Then you have to consider the actual impact of the videos customers will see when visiting your website. Wouldn’t you agree that unlike someone who wanders in off the street, a customer is more likely to make a purchase when they already have a good idea of what they want? Seeing our product videos on your website before visiting will increase the chances of someone making a purchase when they do visit your dealership. Our 730 shares, 127 subscribers, 361 likes, 35 comments all directly contribute to your SEO and web presence, making it easier for people to find you.

Why do you need a professional company for this campaign?

You might be thinking “I have a cell phone with a good camera, I can upload videos to Youtube, why do I need to hire a professional video team to do this for me?” Once again, you are not entirely wrong if you are thinking that. However, here are a few reasons why you should consider making the investment to outsource this work and achieve the best results possible.

1.) Experience

Simply put, we’ve done this before. We know how to film product walk through videos for your type of inventory. We know what is important to show and what’s not. We know the right angles, we have already established an efficient process for filming and editing, and maybe most importantly we know how to get your videos’ noticed. We will optimize your Youtube page and video content for search results and impact your ranking. We do this by innovative titles, a long list of proven video tags, relevant and creative video descriptions and unique thumbnail designs.

2.) Time

Do you have the time to record videos for all of your inventory? What about the time it takes to edit the videos, add titles and information, and then export and upload each video to youtube? This type of analytical video campaign takes a lot of time and resources to be effective.

3.) Quality

Over 137,000 views over two years on 300+ videos is a great indicator of videos that are both well received and contain relevant content. YouTube optimizes search and discovery for videos that increase watch time on the site. This basically means that the more popular a video is, the more Youtube will promote it. Our average view-through rate is 85%, which means that 85% of viewers watched the entire video all the way through. Our View-through rate combined with our total watch time of 184,490 minutes, means that Youtube will prioritize our videos in search results leading to more hits. If your videos are of poor quality, or hastily made, they will not have the same type of results as professional videos and Youtube will not promote them to viewers.

Based off of this graphic, you can see that of our 137,000 + views, over 50,000 have come directly from Youtube suggestions. Another 17,000 have come from Browsing features and other direct Youtube features. That combined is over 67,000 views that came directly from Youtube specifically choosing to promote our content. This shows that the quality of our videos has directly impacted how many views we have and how successful our campaign has been.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and review our Youtube Video Marketing Campaign.

I will leave you with some interesting and relevant statistics about the power of online video marketing!

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